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Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Get things done more easily and intuitively

The spectacular Windows Aero user experience features stunning visual effects, including helpful animations, transparent glass menu bars, and live thumbnail previews of open programs. Your desktop experience never looked this good.

A unique part of the Windows Aero experience is Windows Flip 3D, which enables you to dynamically flip through your open programs in a three-dimensional, stacked view, so that you can quickly locate and select the one that you want.

Windows Flip 3D

Windows Flip 3D shows the beauty and functionality Aero provides.

You can instantly find information on your computer—including documents, e-mails, photos, and even music files—with Instant Search, which is integrated throughout Windows Vista.

Searching for information on the Internet is easier than ever with Internet Explorer 7, which includes web searching right from the browser, with no additional toolbars necessary. Tabbed browsing also enables you to simultaneously browse multiple web pages in one window.

See the information you care about instantly with Windows Sidebar and gadgets, which bring real-time information, like weather and news, directly to your desktop.

Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

Windows Sidebar and gadgets put handy tools right at hand on your desktop.

Flexible organization makes it simple to instantly find and view your files any way that you want.

Relive a lifetime of memories using Windows Photo Gallery. It's now easier to download photos from your digital camera, and then organize, edit, view, and share them with family and friends.

Windows Photo Gallery

Download, find, and share photos easily with Windows Photo Gallery.

Get up and running fast using Windows Easy Transfer to automatically copy your files, photos, music, e-mail, and settings from your old PC to your new Windows Vista-based PC.

Windows Vista works in the background to take care of itself, giving you a better and faster computing experience. Using new performance self-tuning and diagnostics technologies, Windows Vista can improve the responsiveness of the applications you use most often and help to decrease file download times.

Windows SuperFetch also helps to improve the responsiveness and performance of your PC by tracking which applications you use most often and then preloading them into memory for faster access.

Windows Vista includes new self-healing technology that can identify problems and fix them so you can keep system disruptions to a minimum.

Windows Vista contains built-in diagnostics that look for hardware failures, network problems, and slow performance issues so they can be resolved before they affect your productivity.

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